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Our regular programme of workshops might be off for now, but there’s still loads to see and do at Manchester Museum.

Already booked a workshop for February or March 2018?

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Self-led visit

A self-led visit means you can get creative and plan to meet your particular pupils’ learning needs. It’s free of charge, and we’ll be here every step of your planning process to make things easier.

Please read the information below to help you plan your visit, and please do book in advance so we can ensure you have access to the galleries you need.

Lunches and bags

You can take advantage of our dedicated schools’ picnic and bag store area up to June 2018. Lunch slots last 30 minutes and must be booked in advance when you book your visit.

After June 2018, you’ll need to visit for just half a day as our picnic and bag store area will be part of the building site! We’d suggest you visit 10am-11.30am or 12.30-2pm.

KS3/4 and Post-16 Real Life Science: Collections, Curiosity and Cutting Edge Science

Great news: our Fossils galleries, as well as our Vivarium, will remain open throughout our redevelopment.

We are revamping our forensic science, genetic engineering and PCR sessions and will soon be offering a joint visit between the Museum and the multipurpose research labs in the Stopford Building, part of the University’s Biology, Medicine and Health Faculty.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this offer and we will let you know more.

KS3/4 Enquiring Minds

We expect our Living Cultures, Manchester Gallery, and Ancient Worlds galleries to remain open until the end of April 2018 but access may be subject to change from May 2018 onwards.

We will be putting our Enquiring Minds Programme on hold during this period but you are welcome to visit on a self-led trip during the summer term through our usual booking process.

Need more help?

Our Secondary and Post-16 Learning Coordinators for Science (Barinur Rashid) and Humanities & Arts (Cat Lumb) are available to support your planning. Drop us an email or telephone call, or book an appointment to meet up and be inspired on the galleries themselves.