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Secondary School Workshops

KS3/4 Enquiring Minds

This programme aims to engage students to explore the collection at the Museum in order to develop interpretation, enquiry and critical thinking skills. Many of the workshops are focused around student-led activities, allowing individuals and groups to contribute their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the collection and, as a result, experience a unique session that links directly with topics within the curriculum.


Please click on the session title for more details and information on how to book.

Roman Manchester – KS3 (History)
Learn more about the life of Roman soldiers in Manchester and the impact it had on the existing British population. 

Artist-led Drawing - KS3/4 (Art and Art & Design)
Work with a practicing artist to document a wide variety of un-cased objects within our collection.


Medicine in Ancient Times - KS4 (History) 
How are primary sources used to evaluate the progress in medicine and health in historic times? Identify evidence on our galleries and reflect on the ancient understanding of medicine and health.

Ancient History– KS4 (Ancient History, Classics and History)
Discover more about the empires of Egypt, Rome and Greece, exploring their trade routes, lifestyle and culture – including a section on Roman Manchester.


Project-led Opportunities

We have recently been working with a number of schools on specific projects that have links with the Museum’s collection and can contribute to pupils’ understanding on a variety of subjects. If you are interested in working with us on a project, or have questions about how a joint partnership with the Museum can enrich your syllabus, please contact Cat Lumb.




KS3/4 Real Life Science: Collections, Curiosity and Cutting Edge Science

Please click on the session title for more details and information on how to book.


Diversity of Life - KS3

Do organisms need to adapt to survive? Investigate variation, classification and what could endanger life using collections from the Museum.  

 Animal Mummies – KS3/4 - NEW SESSION

How can scientific imaging technology reveal the secrets held beneath the bandages of ancient Egyptian animal mummies?                                                                                                          

Forensic Science: A Bog Body Mystery - KS3/4   
What are the real world applications of forensic science? Analyse DNA and archaeological evidence to determine if a crime has been committed.                                                                                                            


Research Skills - KS4
Expand your students' research skills.Work with a PhD researcher from the University of Manchester to explore how museum objects contribute to research. Students will interrogate the research process and develop their own research plan in response to our collection.



Skill Enrichment Days

Skill Enrichment Days - KS3
A selection of workshops to increase curiosity in the world and enliven enthusiasm for learning.

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