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Our regular programme of workshops might be off for now, but there’s still loads to see and do at Manchester Museum.

Already booked a workshop for February or March 2018?

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Self-led visit

A self-led visit means you can get creative and plan to meet your particular pupils’ learning needs. It’s free of charge, and we’ll be here every step of your planning process to make things easier.

Please check our FAQs for the latest information on gallery openings and closures, and read the information below to help you plan your visit.

Please book your self-led visit in advance so we can ensure your visit runs smoothly.

Lunches and bags

You can take advantage of our dedicated schools’ picnic and bag store area up to 13 July 2018. Lunch slots last 30 minutes and must be booked in advance when you book your visit.

Ancient Egypt and Stone Age to Iron Age Britain topics

We expect our Archaeology and Egyptology galleries to remain open until the end of April 2018. Sometime after May they will close (and Asru the mummy will say goodbye for a while!) to prepare for the building works.

We'd advise that you visit us before the end of April for these topics to guarantee you can see everything you want to see. We won't be offering workshops for these topics in April, but we do have some great suggestions on how to use these galleries for your KS2 ‘Ancient Egypt’ or ‘Stone Age to Iron Age Britain’ topics during your self-led visit. Remember to book in advance!

After April 2018, you may like to consider booking our Inflatable Museum instead. Or get in touch for suggested alternative venues.

'Living Things and their Habitats' or 'Evolution and Inheritance' topics

Great news: we expect that our Natural History galleries, as well as our Vivarium, will remain open throughout our redevelopment.

Our dinosaur- and animal-themed Explorer Sacks will be great for supporting KS1 visitors (please book them ahead).

And we have lots of resources and suggestions to support your curriculum-linked exploration of these galleries with older children.

Remember to book in advance!

'Rocks and Fossils' or 'Earth and Space' topics

We also expect that our Fossils, Minerals and Meteorites galleries will remain open throughout our redevelopment.

We have some suggestions to help you to plan your visit for these KS2 topics.

Remember to book in advance!

Need more help?

Our Primary Learning Coordinator is available to support your planning. Drop Amy an email or telephone call (0161 275 7357) with any questions. We’re happy to meet with you in the museum if that’s easier.

Already booked a workshop for February or March 2018?

See details of your workshop below:

Dinosaur Challenge
Habitat Explorers

Egyptian Worlds
Dinosaur Detectives
Rainforest Investigators
Dig It: The Mystery of the Thunderstone