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Visit the session links below for more details and information on how to book our workshops.

Key Stage 1


Dinosaur Challenge
Puppils will investigate fossils to discover the identities of mysterious prehistoric beasts.

Habitat explorer
Find out how animals are adapted to live in their specific habitats. Get up close with live animals from the Museum's own Vivarium.




Key Stage 2

Please click on the session title for more details and information on how to book our workshops.

Egyptian Worlds
Pupils will develop and apply their historical enquiry skills and their knowledge about ancient Egypt, focusing on one of the Museum's mummies.

Dinosaur Detectives
Your class will become detectives as they gather and interpret evidence to solve a prehistoric murder mystery.

Rainforest Investigators: Adaptation and Survival
Encounter live animals and use adaptations as evidence in an investigation of rainforest species.

Dig it: The Mystery of the Thunderstone
Pupils will develop their archaeological skills by exploring Roman and Stone Age artefacts, and will use them to solve the Mystery of the Thunderstone. 





Inflatable Museum

An immersive learning space designed to bring the wonder and curiosity of Manchester Museum to your school.


Additional Resources