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When we reopen in February 2023, we will bring you visually spectacular exhibitions that explore ideas that shape our world.

The Exhibition Hall is where we will produce, host and tour ambitious shows that explore the richness of our world and our past, present and future. They engage with big ideas, global challenges and local action, as seen in our first two temporary exhibitions. 

Golden Mummies of Egypt is the opening exhibition and a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. After a hugely successful tour across the USA and China, this stunning exhibition offers unparalleled access to our Egypt and Sudan collections. Featuring more than a hundred objects and eight mummies, Golden Mummies of Egypt presents a rich perspective on beliefs about the afterlife during an era when Egypt was part of the Greek and Roman worlds.

After Golden Mummies of Egypt will be Wild, a new exhibition exploring the concept of wild, rewilding and wildness. It will highlight examples of the ways people are using wildness to shape the landscapes around us in the UK and beyond. From Yellowstone  in the USA to the streets of Manchester, visitors will encounter the ways in which rewilding and conservation are occurring today and consider how we might want to shape our future. By sharing inspiring stories, advice and guidance to support individual or collective intentions, Wild will move from speculation to action.

Following Golden Mummies of Egypt and Wild, we will continue to bring you visually spectacular exhibitions and explore ideas that shape our world.