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Everything we do is thanks to our extraordinary team of people and a spirit of collective endeavour.

Everyone who works at Manchester Museum can be contacted via our main telephone number, on 0161 275 2648

For more information please email us at

Please direct all commercial image reproduction enquiries to


Director Esme Ward  Profile

Senior Executive Assistant to Esme Ward Judith Fabian

Head of Development Stephen Walsh

Data Manager Helen Mark


Marketing & Communications

Communications Manager Anna Pickard

Design Manager Ian Smith

Digital Content Creator Tobias Longmate

Visitor Team and Communications Coordinator Michelle Scott



Head of Exhibitions And Collections George Young

Curator of Living Cultures Dr. Njabulo Chipangura

Curator of Indigenous Perspectives Alexandra Alberda 

Curatorial Assistant (Entomology) Diana Arzuza Buelvas

Honorary Curator (Entomology) Phil Rispin

Curator of Earth Science Collections David Gelsthorpe

Curator of Botany Rachel Webster

Curatorial Assistant (Botany) Lindsey Loughtman

Honorary Museum Associate Graham Proudlove

Honorary Museum Associate Laurence Cook

Deputy Head of Collections and Curator of Archaeology  Bryan Sitch

Curatorial Assistant (Natural Sciences) Rachel Petts

Curatorial Assistant (Human Cultures) Susan Martin

Curator of Egypt and Sudan Campbell Price

Collection Information Manager  John Peel

Finds Liaison Officer  Heather Beeton

Professor Emeritus of Archaeological Studies and of Classics John Prag

AELP Archivist Clare Pye


Collections Care and Access

Collections Care Manager and Senior Conservator Sam Beath

Registrar Gillian Smithson

Conservator Jenny Discombe

Conservator Irit Narkiss

Preventive Conservator Abigail Stevens

Senior Museum Technician John Miller

Museum Technician Robert O’Connor

Museum Technician Mike Ashworth


Learning and Engagement

Head of Civic Engagement and Education Wendy Gallagher

Learning Manager   Hannah-lee Chalk

Curator of Community Exhibitions Andrea Winn

Engagement Manager Anna Bunney

Volunteer Manager Kate Glynn

Culture, Health & Wellbeing Assistant   Karen Brackenridge

Education Bookings Coordinator Nora Callaghan

Secondary and Post-16 Learning Coordinator (Sciences) Barinur Rashid

Student Engagement Coordinator  Naomi Kashiwagi

Curatorial Assistant (Vivarium)  Matthew O’Donell   Visit the FrogBlog

Curatorial Assistant (Vivarium) Bethany Dean   Visit the FrogBlog

Family Programme Coordinator Vicky Grant

Shared Cultural Heritage City Coordinator Sadia Habib Research profile

South Asia Gallery Community producer Nusrat Ahmed

Buildings and Operations

Buildings and Operations Manager Dean Whiteside

Building Systems Supervisor Ged Bridges   07799 662 419

Building and Operations Assistant Arkadiusz Sokolowski

Multimedia Technician  Tristan Clutterbuck



Retail Manager Louise Watson

Events Manager Lowell Wallbank

Buyer & Product Developer Emma Gittins

Merchandiser & Online Shop Coordinator Natacha Pedersen

Museum shop  0161 275 8786


Museum Development North West

Museum Development Officer  (Workforce and Skills) Alex Bird 07748 932680

Museum Development Officer South Lynsey Jones 07748 147240

Museum Development Officer North Kaye Hardyman 07748 147151

Project Support Assistant Samuel Long 07411 364994

Accreditation Adviser Jennie Pitceathly


Visitor Team

Visitor Team Manager Peter Fallon   07824622923

Visitor Team Assistant Manager Abbie Hawkins

Visitor Team Assistant Maxine Byrne 

Visitor Team Assistant Bryony Rigby

Visitor Team Assistant Jennie Trueman

Visitor Team Assistant Fang Zong

Visitor Team Assistant Maria Jose Ramos Acevedo

Visitor Team Assistant Aisha Shafiq

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As one of the UK’s largest university museums, we care for over 4.5 million objects, with an internationally-important collection spanning from Archaeology to Zoology, and nearly everything in between. We work with communities, support university students and schools in Manchester and beyond and we are a free, inclusive museum for all. But we need your help. Every object we care for, exhibition, school visit and community event comes at a cost, and you can help make the museum as ambitious and impactful as possible.