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5 Jun 2024 -1 Jun 2025

Exhibition Hall, ground floor

Free, booking required


How far will you go?

Will going ‘wild’ help us to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis?

Our new exhibition Wild, opening in the Exhibition Hall on 5 June 2024, explores our relationship with the natural world and looks at how people across the globe are creating, rebuilding and repairing connections with nature.

What fuels our fear of dangers that lurk in the wild? Can ‘wildness’ flourish within a city’s concrete jungle? How do we care for things we can’t see?

Wild will challenge the way we think about nature, whisking you to wild places across the world to hear a diverse range of voices, from Aboriginal elders to researchers and community activists. Find out how they’re shaping their environments and looking to wild for a more positive future.

In one case, the restoration of traditional practices is helping to heal both the land and the people. In others, biodiversity has exploded where farmland has been rewilded and the reintroduction of animal species is helping to restore ecological balance.​

Featuring an immersive installation, audio, film and interactive elements, alongside natural history collections and artworks, the exhibition prompts you to notice the biodiversity and heritage of the featured environments while questioning our relationship with the natural world.

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