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Introductory Taichi Qigong Sessions

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23 Mar 2023 -8 Jun 2023 12:00 pm -12:50 pm

  • Thursday 23 March
  • Monday 27 March
  • Thursday 20 April
  • Thursday 11 May
  • Monday 15 May
  • Thursday 25 May
  • Thursday 8 June

Manchester Museum, Oxford Road

Lee Kai Hung Chinese Culture Gallery

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Introductory Taichi Qigong Sessions

As part of our Age Friendly Programme, we have partnered with senior teacher Feixia Yu to host a series of introductory Taichi Qigong Session aimed at people aged 50 and over.

The sessions will take place in our newly opened Lee Kai Hung Chinese Culture Gallery and will be an opportunity to boost wellbeing and to learn more about the art of health preservation in China.

There will be 6 sessions, led by teacher Feixia Yu.

  • Session 1 – Thursday 23 March
  • Session 2 – Monday 27 March
  • Session 3 – Thursday 20 April
  • Session 4 – Thursday 11 May
  • Session 5 – Monday 15 May
  • Session 6 – Thursday 25 May



You can book your free place via Eventbrite, or contact:

Maria Jose Ramos acevedo (Culture Champions Volunteer Assistant)


Phone: 07818 578 474


About Feixia Yu

Founder of YuTaichi & Qigong Ltd, Feixia Yu runs weekly Taichi and Qigong classes on-line and in person. Feixia regularly features in local media including BBC Radio Lancashire and the Lancashire Evening Posts on various aspects of Chinese culture. She frequently gives open lectures on the Chinese health enhancement tradition, current practice and latest Qigong development in China. 

In the area of Taichi and Qigong for Wellbeing, Feixia is a senior instructor at British Health Qigong Association, and an In-door disciple of Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster in Chen Style Taichi. She also qualified as an Exercise and Recuperation Instructor at Beijing Sport University. Feixia was trained at an ashram in India and is also a senior yoga instructor (YTT-500) with Yoga Alliance. Her Taichi Qigong classes typically fuse together aspects of different disciplines of Daoyin and Yoga. Some of the sitting routines in Qigong are also known as Chinese Yoga, so there are lots of fusions in these two Eastern disciplines of Body-Mind practice.

Feixia is keen for more people to benefit from Taichi and Qigong, the beautiful art of health preservation from China. She moved her face-to-face classes online since the first Covid lock-down in 2020, and has since then, offered more than 400 Taichi and Qigong classes on Zoom for free. These twice weekly free classes are still continuing. To mark the health benefits of her free classes and the appreciation of the participants in Preston for her commitment to share and spread the best of the Chinese Health Enhancement tradition, Feixia was presented the Preston Mayor’s Covid Hero Award in November 2021.

Feixia recently joined the Social Prescribing Research Unit at University of Central Lancashire and is looking forward to embedding body-mind practice like Taichi, Qigong and Yoga in the NHS Social Prescribing Movement.