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South Asia Gallery Evaluation

Manchester Museum is looking for an Evaluation Specialist to evaluate our new South Asia Gallery, a British Museum partnership.

Evaluation Brief

The Evaluation brief is in two parts and is available as a combined package (1+2 total fee £21.5k) or as single parts.

1. The first part of the evaluation will focus on the co-curation process (£11.5k value) to be centred on the process and experience of co-curating the South Asia Gallery (SAG). It will seek to explore the journeys, participation and impact of being involved in the collaborative creation of SAG by key stakeholders.

2. The second part will focus on visitor evaluation (£10k value) and will be a qualitative exploration of visitor’s response to, understanding of, feelings about and engagement with the South Asia Gallery.

We welcome submissions from individuals or agencies.

The full brief and associated documents are linked below.

Responses are invited by Monday 4 September 2023 and should be submitted to


Download SAG Evaluation Brief

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