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Memory in Motion

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26 Jun 2024 6:00 pm -9:00 pm

Kanaris Theatre

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Memory In Motion

A performance with Virinder Kalra, Hannan Jones, Adnan Naqvi and Raheel Khan

Memory in Motion is a performance lecture that questions how sonic practice shapes our engagement with the past, and the way in which it constructs homes in the present.

Focusing on the historical routes and hybrid spaces between the Indian subcontinent and Northern Britain, the piece moves through shrines, bazaars, vessels and bodies as sites of sonic exchange.

Artists Raheel Khan, Adnan Naqvi and Hannan Jones engage in a dialogue with Virinder Kalra, Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick and author of “Sacred and Secular Musics: A Post-Colonial Approach”.

Through an unfolding collage of fiction, field recordings, electronic composition and oral storytelling, Memory in Motion takes the form of a vessel that never lands. Gliding infinitely within seams, it rests gently in moments where flows of migration become spaces of participation, performativity and labour.

The event coincides with the final week of ‘Compressions’, a sound installation by Raheel Khan, currently showing at Longsight Community Art Space.


Event schedule:

6pm Welcome reception 

6.45pm Performance  

7.30pm DJ and drinks 

9pm Close

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