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Harlequin Toads x Conservation Across Continents

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22 Mar 2023 6:00 pm -9:00 pm

The Main Hall and Vivarium, Manchester Museum

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Conservation across continents

Join us for a night of music, food and drink as the Vivarium launches it’s brand-new Variable Harlequin frog exhibit. A showcase of our joint commitment to the conservation of one of the world’s rarest species. 

Variable harlequin toads

Variable harlequin toads are small in size but huge in significance. Originating from Panama and Costa Rica, their population has experienced drastic declines in recent years, and they are classed as critically endangered.

In 2019 we began recreating the exact conditions of the toad’s Panamanian habitat and in 2020, in a moment of triumph, the team found a cluster of eggs among the rocks in the tank. One of the world’s most endangered and beautiful toads had been successfully bred in Manchester Museum.

This success, and our brand-new exhibit of variable harlequin toads, is the result of an inspiring partnership project between Manchester Museum, the University of Manchester and Panama Wildlife Conservation charity. We look forward to launching the exhibit and celebrating the partnership and its ongoing commitment to conservation.

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