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Become a Dab Hand at…Spoon Carving with Steve Tomlin

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3 May 2023 10:00 am -4:00 pm

The Top Floor, Manchester Museum

Tickets are £100

Carve your own cooking spoon from local green wood. Use traditional tools and skills to make a unique spoon you can use every day.  
This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and experienced woodworkers looking to expand their skills. 
Participants will have the unique opportunity to see the museum’s carved spoons from around the world and those in the Dab Hands exhibition.  
This workshop will take you through the whole process of turning fresh wood into spoons and give you the confidence to carry on at home.
Dab Hands is an art exhibition on Manchester Museum’s Top Floor which celebrates the extraordinary relationship that we have with our hands. The workshop will include the unique opportunity to see examples of carved spoons from across the world.
Please note: you must be over 18 to attend. 

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