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Africa Day at the Museum

25 May 2024 11:00 am -5:00 pm

Manchester Museum, Oxford Road

Free, drop in

Africa Day at the Museum

In collaboration with Prof Erinma Bell MBE – Carisma Services, Out of Africa and Radio Africana

Immerse yourself in the energy, richness and vibrancy of African culture when Manchester Museum joins the rest of the world in celebrating Africa Day on 25 May.

Experience African music, dance, fashion and food, while learning about Africa’s story through talks, workshops and opportunities to engage with the Museum’s African collections.

Africa Day is an annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), today known as the African Union, on 25 May, 1963. For Africans on the continent and in the diaspora, Africa Day signifies unity, pride in being African, and an opportunity to celebrate their heritage by donning traditional outfits and putting on vibrant displays of culture and diversity.

Significantly, Manchester is a very important city for Africans because it hosted the Pan African Congress in 1945, intended to address the decolonisation of Africa from Western imperial powers at Chorlton-on-Medlock Town Hall. The congress demanded an end to colonial rule and racial discrimination as well as the recognition of human rights and equality of economic opportunity for all peoples of African heritage.

Manchester Museum contains cultural heritage objects from different African countries in its collection and we aim at making their stories visible by collaborating with African diasporans going forward. The programme for the day includes:


Main Hall

11am Welcome and speeches by Esme Ward and The Lord Mayor of Manchester.

11.10am Programme of the day outline by Dr Njabulo Chipangura, Curator of Living Cultures.

11.15am SAWN Choir (performances repeating throughout the day).

11.20am African masquerade dancing with Chief Ike (performances repeating throughout the day).

11.40am Drumming by Papa Andou (repeated throughout the day).

12pm onwards African Conversations at Manchester Museum film

12pm onwards African object handling table

12pm onwards African Wares Stalls (4) Exhibition Hall Space

3-5pm Afrobeats Jams with DJs from Radio Africana.


Kanaris Foyer

11.40am-1pm African mask making with Dr Ehi Oboh.


Kanaris Lecture Theatre

2-3pm Africa Day public lecture with Dr. Nobulali Dangazele in the Kanaris. Lali a distinguished voice from South Africa. Delve into an exploration of heritage and identity as Dr. Dangazele shares her insights on how the objects and artifacts within our homes serve as vessels of cultural narratives. Dr. Dangazele brings a unique perspective rooted in her rich African heritage. Drawing from her extensive background in the arts, she will illuminate the significance of everyday items in preserving and transmitting cultural heritage. Book free tickets for this brilliant lecture now.


Reimagining Collections

11.40am-1pm Bead making family workshop with Marcelina Stengert of Newleaf Foundation.


Research Studio

11.40am-1pm Talking Sticks family workshop with Rachael Harper

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