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Living Worlds

If you think nature is something far away, think again - we are nature. Living Worlds explores the connections between all living things, including us, and shows how we can all shape the future by the choices we make. There may be lots of bad news stories, but look at the amazing things that still exist. Together we can help create a safe and secure future. Together, lots of tiny actions can change the world.

The gallery reveals a lot of the building's original architecture and includes a huge variety of stuffed animals (including favourites such as the Sperm Whale skeleton, Polar Bear and Tiger), all beautifully displayed with the help of European art and fashion show producer, villa eugénie.

Living Worlds has been shortlisted for the Design Week Awards 2012 in the Exhibition Design category and was shortlisted for the Museums + Heritage Permanent Exhibition award 2012 .

Living Worlds App

We've developed a web app to accompany the Living Worlds gallery. Just like the gallery, the app is about the natural world and people’s relationships with it. You can explore information on the specimens and species on display, find out more information about the different species, as well as suggestions on how you can get more involved with nature, if you want to. There should be something of interest for everyone!

Access the Living Worlds Web App

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Living Worlds

Bison trophy head from our new Living Worlds gallery

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