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The Manchester Museum Mummy Walk

Wednesday 31 October 2012, 1-5.30pm
Piccadilly Gardens

Featuring mummy dance, lantern and mask making workshops during the day, The Manchester Museum Mummy Walk culminated in a twilight mummy walk and parade around Piccadilly Gardens. With artist Sophie Tyrrell, musician Danny Henry, Museum experts and short performances by Circus House.

The Museum worked with CityCo and Piccadilly Partnership to organise this free event for all ages and as well as celebrating Halloween, the event marked the centenary of the first Egypt gallery to be opened at the Museum and the opening of the new Ancient Worlds galleries. These three galleries highlight our collections from Manchester and the region, and from ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome and Egypt. They showcase the best of our outstanding archaeology collections and reveal the people behind the objects: who made them, who used them, who lost and re-discovered them, who collected, classified and interpreted them.

The Manchester Museum Mummy Walk

The twilight parade - children and adults dressed as mummies doing the mummy walk, followed by Ancient Egyptian gigantes

Image c Paul Cliff