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A group of people coming into The Manchester Museum

Opening Times

People walking towards The Manchester Museum

Daily: 10am-5pm
Closed: 24-26 Dec, 1 Jan

Free entry

Manchester Museum
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

You can find a limited number of lockers in Reception



‘Maude’, the famous Belle Vue Tigon, goes on display at Manchester Museum after a wait of 65 years

The Vivarium

c Chris Mattison

Come and meet our frogs and reptiles in our Vivarium

Gallery closures and redevelopments

Find out about any gallery closures before your visit.


A T.rex necklace, part of the shop's Tatty Devine Jewellery collection Visit our shop where you anything buy from African tribal charms to Roman swords, Egyptian papyri to fossils. We also stock a wide range of publications, including many written by our own staff.

Food and drink

Take a look at the food and drink section to find out about our cafe and indoor picnic area.


Explore the Museum's 15 Galleries to see objects from the four corners of the world and almost every period in history.


Find out more about the museum activities you can take part in. If you're a teacher bringing a school group along please visit our Learning section.

The Study

The Study

Big ideas. Singular collaborations. Strange and wonderful things. Exhibitions and events with some of the most interesting people we know. And somewhere that brings them all together. Explore life, the universe and everything at The Study, the museum's latest new development. Find out more now.