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Siberia: At the Edge of the World

Saturday 4 October 2014 – Sunday 1 March 2015
Free entry


This multi-disciplinary exhibition explores the natural history and culture of this immense territory that is one and a half times bigger than Europe. Combining stunning photographic images of its vast landscapes and diverse people with a selection of natural history specimens and cultural objects, we look beyond the stereotypical view of Siberia.

Highlights include a Brown Bear, the national symbol of Russia.

The exhibition examines different aspects of Siberia’s environment and culture, dispelling some of the misconceptions surrounding the land and its people. Items from British and Russian museums have been brought together for the first exhibition of its kind in the UK. It tells the story of Siberia like never before.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Masha the baby mammoth will not now be part of the exhibition.

Participant in the UK – Russia Year of Culture 2014.


"Baby, it’s cold inside – but stay at Manchester Museum’s new exhibition a while, and you’ll find out why Siberia might surprise you." Read more on Creative Tourist

Siberia: At the Edge of the World

Brown Bear. Image c Paul Cliff

Sat 4 Oct 2014 –
Sun 1 Mar 2015

Free entry

Image c Paul Cliff