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Post 16

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Research Skills – KS5 (Science or Humanities focus)
Expand your students' research skills.Work with a PhD researcher from the University of Manchester to explore how museum objects contribute to research. Students will interrogate the research process and develop their own research plan in response to our collection.

Communicating Scientific Information – KS5 (Applied Science BTEC)
How do museums communicate scientific information? Talk with a Museum professional to see how Manchester Museum presents this information to our various audiences. Students will then explore our galleries to critically analyse our approach.

PCR - KS5 (Science)
Polymerase Chain Reaction? Extract, amplify and analyse DNA, and explore the ethical issues associated with the manipulation of  DNA/

Genetic Engineering - KS5 (Science)
How can DNA be manipulated? Use modern genetic engineering techniques and explore the applications and implications of genetic engineering in current research.

Investigative Geology - AS/A2 (Geology)
Work with Manchester Museum’s stunning geology collection. Through a selection of workshops of your choice this day focuses on skills and knowledge required for the A-Level Geology syllabus.


Engage with the Experts Study Days

How can subject knowledge translate into cutting edge research? Interact with researchers and experts from the University of Manchester and Manchester Museum to explore the reality of research.

Rogue Cell - AS/A2 (Biology)
What happens to a cancer cell for it to turn 'rogue'? Work with current researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research in interactive workshops and laboratory practicals to explore how researchers are tackling the disease.

Discovering Diabetes - AS/A2 (Biology)
Work with research scientists from the Centre for Advanced Discovery and Experimental Therapeutics (CADET) to carry out tasks that reflect current research techniques and find out more about life as a scientist. 

A Sustainable World? - AS/A2 (Biology, General Studies, Geography, English, Economics, Business Studies)
Through a series of talks from current researchers on the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability, gain insights into the challenges that our world is facing and devise a sustainability marketing campaign.

A Breath of Fresh Air - AS/A2 (Biology)
Work with practicing scientists to investigate a variety of issues that surround medical research.  Interactive debates and hands-on practical workshops will cover topics such as genetic diseases, contemporary research techniques and gene therapy. 

Frogs and Physics - AS/A2 (Biology and Physics)
Get first-hand experience of working with our live animal collection with Manchester Museum’s Curator of Herpetology and conduct scientific measurements using research equipment in the Photon Science Institute to uncover how research can aid wildlife conservation.

Conflict: Making Sense of War
The study day will utilise the Museum’s collection and material from the Whitworth’s current exhibitions to examine conflict and the associations we make as a result of historical conflict. 

The Physics of Imaging: Animal Mummies Spotlight – AS/A2 (Physics and Biology)
Work with imaging experts from The University of Manchester to understand how physics through the theories of imaging are being applied in current research.


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