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During our exciting redevelopment we will continue to offer some of our museum workshops.

hello future is a major project to develop and transform the museum to bring more wonder and inspiration from around the world to visitors.

Current programmes

Find out more about our current programmes:

Please note: Lunch and coat storage spaces are available until 28 September 2018. You can check our FAQs for the latest information on this as well as gallery openings and closures.

Self-led visit

A self-led visit means you can get creative and plan to meet your students’ learning needs. It’s free of charge, and we’ll be here every step of your planning process to make things easier. We already offer some on-gallery activity ideas to engage your students during their visit.

It’s essential that you book in advance so we can help you plan your visit and ensure that you have access to the galleries you need. If you’re not sure how to go about planning gallery activities for your students or if you just need some inspiration, get in touch (see details below).

Need more help?

Our Secondary and Post-16 Learning Coordinators for Science (Barinur Rashid) and Humanities & Arts (Cat Lumb) are available to support your planning. Drop us an email or call - Barinur on 0161 3061764 or Cat on 0161 3061765. We are also happy to meet you at the museum to plan your visit.

Stay in touch!

Sign up to our secondary and post-16 e-newsletter to be the first to find out what’s happening, or visit our blog to read about our work.