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Collective Conversations

Collective Conversations was an award winning project that made films about people's encounters with objects from the Museum's collections.
The subjects of the films explore objects usually hidden away in stores and discuss the meanings they hold. To watch these films visit The Manchester Museum's YouTube channel.
They are also on display in the Museum.

The Manchester Museum held 'conversations' with diverse groups and individuals including local migrant communities, researchers, enthusiasts and academics.
They might be people who identify or have personal interests in the objects, people whose work gives them insights into relevant themes, or people who are simply curious.

Transcripts of Collective Conversations

The transcripts for the following Collective Conversations are available.

Transcript of  Collective Conversation With Chief Adelekan

Transcript of  Collective Conversation With Gaetana

Transcript of  Collective Conversation With  Ehi, Ebi & Esima

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Mapping Our Lives
What can botanical specimens tell you about the trans-Atlantic slave trade?
Chief Adelekan in Conversation
Chief Adelekan discusses the significance of a Babalawo, a Shango staff and a Gelede Mask.
Gaetanna in Conversation
How can museum objects be used to help relate to different cultures and people?
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Collective Conversations

A woman examines a bowl-like object.

Starting in June 2004, The Manchester Museum held a series of 'conversations' with a range of diverse groups and individuals.